About Us

Our Mission

is to provide 21st Century solutions and sound scientific applications for conservation of critical natural resources in the face of a changing climate focusing on the Southeastern U.S. with specific utilization of geographic information systems applications in land conservation, ecosystems services, carbon sequestration and conservation biology.

How We Work

We have the in-house capacity and technology to complete ALL the conservation services necessary for timely execution of a conservation project, including:

  • Writing of conservation easements
  • Creation of baseline documentation reports
  • Monitoring conserved properties

We pride ourselves on the rapidity with which we can complete a conservation easement project from start to finish without ever sacrificing the professionalism necessary to comply with Internal Revenue Service Code 170(h). While most organization proceed at a glacial time scale, we can provide these services in real-time.

Technologically Based

Our land trust was the first authorized to legally operate a small drone under the 2012 Act when we were granted FAA Exemption #11515, a Section 33 waiver, and authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration to operate a small unmanned aerial vehicle (sUAV) for commercial and conservation purposes.

We’ve integrated the latest geographic information systems (GIS) software into our land conservation applications, and utilize the newest cloud-based mapping tool, ArcGIS Online, GIS mapping software that connects people, locations and data using interactive maps.